Integrated Management Policy

Assuming its commitment to Social Responsibility, Reconciliation between professional and personal life, Quality, & Sustainability, Trotinete Lda, in its alignment with the Stakeholders, defined as pillars of its organization, commitments at the level of Social Responsibility, Reconciliation, Health and Safety at Work-OHS, Quality and Sustainability, in its social, environmental and economic aspects:


• Offering corporate image solutions, based on differentiation, innovation and quality of the products/services provided;

• Ability to respond to proposed challenges;

• High perception of market/customer trends and needs;

• Integrated solutions with the objective of customer satisfaction.



• Promote sustainable development, in its environmental, economic and social aspects;

• Preventing environmental pollution, contributing to greater environmental sustainability, using resources rationally, reducing consumption of water, energy and chemical substances, the production of waste and atmospheric emissions, minimizing environmental impacts;

• Systematically improve processes for greater efficiency and performance;

• Invest in more sustainable technologies.


Social responsibility:

• Comply with the principles of the International Labor Organization, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of the United Nations;

• Ensure an adequate work environment, with conditions of safety, health and well-being for all employees;

• Promote employees' knowledge and involvement, as well as their commitment to the Company's objectives.


Reconciling professional, family and personal life:

• Promote the definition of conciliation policies and good practices, in line with its strategic mission

• Promote a balance between the needs of all male and female workers and the organization's goals

• Integrate more effective requirements aimed at the needs of reconciling professional and personal life and gender equality, integrating, in its management, policies and practices in these domains;

• Reduce articulation conflicts between professional and personal life

• Promote a climate of well-being in the organization

• Promote the attraction and retention of talent

Declaration of Principles and Values of the Conciliation

Trotinete has been betting on a social model committed to professional excellence and the quality of life of its employee’s. Our corporate policy is committed to creating a favorable structure for labor relations, based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity.

We promote the reconciliation of the professional and personal life of our team, bearing in mind the following principles and values:

Equality and non-discrimination

The company ensures respect for the principle of equality and non-discrimination, ensuring that all people are treated with equality and the same social dignity and that no one is privileged, benefited, harmed, deprived of any right or exempt from any duty based , namely, family responsibilities, gender, ancestry, disability, age, race or ethnicity, language, home territory, nationality, religion or belief, political or ideological convictions, education, economic, social or family situation, sexual orientation and gender identity.


The company ensures that work agenda takes into account the satisfaction of the employee’s family and/or personal needs and promotes a balanced participation of men and women in public and private life.


The company takes responsibility for its impact on stakeholders, the economy and society. Respect for the principle of accountability obliges management to answer for its decisions and activities before the representatives of the interests present in the organization and the public authorities, or other competent authorities, with regard to laws and regulations.

This principle involves accepting the consequences of misconduct and taking appropriate measures to remedy them and take action to prevent their recurrence.


The company is transparent in its policies, decisions and activities, making them known in a clear, precise, objective and complete manner, within reasonable and sufficient limits.

Information is available in a timely manner and is accessible and understandable by those who may be significantly affected.

The principle of transparency does not require that information that is protected or critical to the company’s activity be public, nor that privileged information be made available or that may infringe legal, commercial, security or personal privacy obligations.

Ethical conduct

The company acts ethically, basing its conduct on values of honesty, fairness and integrity. These values imply concern for the people who are part of it, the stakeholders and society in general.

Actively promoting ethical conduct involves identifying and making known its fundamental values and principles, establishing control mechanisms and facilitating the filing of complaints without fear of reprisal.

Respect for stakeholders

The company responds to the interests of its stakeholders, listening to them and considering their views in relation to interests that may be affected by a decision or activity.

Implementation of principles and values

The company defined, documented and communicated the principles and values that guide its performance, internally and externally, and ensured that in this process internal stakeholders and, whenever possible, external stakeholders were consulted.

March 2021, Leça do Balio


Matilde Vasconcellos


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